Aluminium is far more durable than vinyls and plastics and is recommended where important information, including rating and safety information, is required to be clearly visible for a number of years. Anodised aluminium is available in a number of pre-tinted colours for laser engraving and can also be digitally printed to any required colour. Our anodised aluminium nameplates and tags are used for a variety of applications including equipment identification and branding, asset and inventory management and compliance plates. These can be digitally printed, screen printed, laser engraved, etched and paint filled, embossed, and serialised with numbering and barcodes or QR codes. The aluminium is available in a variety of gauges, starting from 0.08mm (black print only) and 0.2mm (colour print), depending on the application for which it is required.

We supply these with a single hole or multiple holes for rivets or screws, or with industrial strength adhesive backing. We can die punch, laser cut or guillotine aluminium to any required shape. The anodising process creates a hard layer on the surface and protects the inks and the surface of the aluminium from scratching and abrasion.

Anodised Aluminium